Cold Packs for Pain and Swelling for Therapy Clinics and Home Patients

We offer cold therapy products from Torex, Chattanooga Group, ElastoGel, Thermal Soft, Cramer Sports, and Battle Creek. Cold therapy has come a long way from a bag of frozen peas.

Cold Therapy packs are used to reduce swelling and pain for patients in therapy clinics, hospitals, training rooms, nursing homes, inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation facilities, chiropractic offices, and at home by the home patient. Cold Therapy is the most economical method of reducing pain and swelling.

When injuries occur, swelling sometimes follows. One of the best ways to both prevent swelling from happening and stop swelling already occurring is by the application of cold to the site of the injury. The use of cold material causes the blood vessels to constrict, allowing less blood to escape, and thus lessening the effect of swelling. Instead of using plastic bags full of ice water, consider the benefits of a high quality cold pack. The cold packs don't leak, they don't sweat, and they are usable over and over. Also, they apply an even level of cold without the uncomfortableness that comes from ice cubes. Cold pacs are both more comfortable and more effective at swelling prevention and treatment than traditional methods.
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