Hot and Cold Pack Covers

Hot Pack Covers are used by physical therapists, athletic trainers, and chiropractors to provide a terry cover layer between the hot pack or cold pack as a barrier to prevent too much heat or cold to touch the patient's skin so that the heat or cold is dispersed evenly. The usual heat or cold treatment lasts at least 15 minutes, so it is important that the patient is comfortable.

A main component to heat treatment is the notion of constant heat at a given temperature being applied continuously to the treated area. If a pad or pack is laid loosely on the area receiving the treatment, it is likely that the patient will experience an uneven application of heat. If the patient moves, it is possible the pad or pack could be repositioned or even fall off, negating the benefits of continuous application treatment. Our hot pack covers provide a stable way of attaching the pad to the patient, thus ensuring even application of heat every time. Also, the pads are made of either terry and sometimes also vinyl material, providing an even surface that not only prevents direct skin contact with the pack or pad, but also allows even transfer of heat through the specialized material.
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