Strength & Range of Motion Products for Physical Therapy and Home Patients

Isokinetic's offers shoulder pulleys, weight bars, cuff weights, dumbbells, therapy putty, exercise bands & tubing, stretch-out straps, pedal exercisers, exerciser balls, and exercise mats for the physical therapy clinic, athletic training room, chiropractor, and for patients at home needing the duplicate their clinic exercise at home.

Exercise equipment that is compact, motivational andaffordable is now available for home use. Americansare beginning to realize there's no place like hometo exercise. It is convenient, affordable, timeefficient and according to individual preferences. Whodoesn't want thinner thighs, tighter buns, and ahealthier heart? Maybe that's why, in our neverending quest for fitness, we'll try anything that hasthe promise of instant, easy, and painlessresults. Staying in shape makes us look and feelbetter, which is why health clubs and fitness centersare so popular. But if you are not into the healthclub scene, how else can you exercise regularly witha variety of machinery? Working out at home may bean option worth exercising.
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