Pedal Exercisers

Our Isokinetics Brand pedal exerciser is a high quality product we bring to you direct from the manufacturer. We stand behind our brand with a 30 Day Money Back guarantee and a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects, to the original owner. We also offer a selection of other brands to fit your needs.

A pedal exerciser is a perfect alternative to traditional stationary bikes because they are portable, easier-to-use, and offer more variety because you can place it on a table to use it with your hands. A Pedal exerciser can be used for upper and lower body exercises to improve circulation, muscle strength, joint range of motion, and coordination. They are commonly used for shoulder and knee rehabiliation and are an excellent tool for elderly exercise. Pedal exercisers are convenient, affordable, time efficient, and a perfect home exercise accessory. Use it to increase strength and improve coordination and circulation. Because they are compact and lightweight you can take it on trips, place it on a table for use with your hands, easily move it from room to room or outside, and it can be stored in many places.
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