Active Passive Trainer Exercisers , Mettler APT and Kinetec Kinevia

Active Passive Trainers are robotic rehabilitation machines used by physical therapists, athletic trainers, rehabilitation facilities, and long term care facilities to allow patients to start early passive motion for both upper and lower extremities during phase 1 rehabilitation and general rehabilitation in order to progress to active exercise.

Active Passive Trainers (APT) provide both active (where the user guides the machine at varying speeds and exercises against fixed isotonic resistance) and passive (where the machine guides the user at a set speed in their exercise to improve circulation, muscle tone and weakness , as well as range of motion.

The user can also combine active and passive exercise to perform active-assist exercise where the machine moves the patients limb, but the patient can actively move with or against the motion in an active mode.

We offer the top brands of Active Passive Exercise Trainers from Mettler Electronics(The APT Plus), the new Kinetec Kinevia and Kinevia Duo Active Passive Exercise Trainers, and the new Saratoga Gold Active Passive Trainers.
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