2 Channel Combo Units, Ultrasound, Therapy Laser, Compression Units, Biofeedback, Tens, Knee CPM

We offer 2 channel combination units from Chattanooga, Dynatronics, and Mettler, including the XT and Intelect 2 Channel Combo Units, Dynatronics 25 Series, and Mettler 228, Therapeutic Ultrasound including the Sonicator 740, Therapy Lasers including the Multi Radiance MR4 and Medex Lasers, as well as multi chamber sequential compression devices, Knee CPM machines, TENS units, Electrotherapy Electrodes, Hot Pack Machines from Chattanooga, Richmar, and Whitehall, as well as cold pack freezers and chillers from the Chattanooga Group. and Whitehall.

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