Dynamometers for Measuring Strength in Physical Therapy Clinics and Athletic Training

We offer dynamometers from Baseline, Jamar, Chattanooga, J-Tech, and MicroFet for use in physical therapy clinics, athletic training rooms, chiropractor's offices, rehabilitation hospitals, long term care facilities, and acute care hospitals.

We offer digital and analog hand dynamometers, manual muscle testing devices, push pull devices, pinch gauges, and back strength dynamometers.

Dynamometers are used to measure strength, stamina, and validity of effort.

Dynamometers are used to measure physical status, performance, and strength in patients. There are two types of dynamometers, the Hand-Held and the Force (Push/Pull).

  • Hand-Held dynamometers are used for routine screen of grip and hand strength.

  • Force dynamometers are used for measuring the back, arm and/or leg strength of patients to evaluate physical performance.
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