Marque-Easy Splinting Material from Chesapeake Medical

Marque-Easy, used by hand therapists, orthotists, & cast rooms around the globe, provides the most conformity, moldability and drapability of any product with rubber or rubber-like characteristics. It is also extremely rigid, when cooled, and will not require any reinforcing.
Marque-Easy has a light tack when warm and will remain in place when molding critical contours. Self bonds to itself when warm.

CHARACTERISTICS: High Resistance to Stretch

  • Resistant to stretch
  • Therapist can aggressively work the material
  • Medium and large splints
  • Base for dynamic outrigger splints
  • Fracture bracing
  • Knee splints for immobilization
  • Ankle stirrup splints
  • Foot drop splints
  • Body jackets
  • Hand functional & wrist splints
  • Burn splints
  • "Serial" static splints
  • Airplane splints (shoulders)
  • Spasticity splints

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