Silipos Brand Mineral Oil Gel Based Scar Management, Skin Management for Feet and Hands

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Silipos mineral oil gel based products are used by consumers, patients, physicians, podiatrists, and other healthcare providers to provide mineral oil gel based products for scar management, bunion care, heel cups, burn, toe care, toe spreaders and protectors, gel gloves and foot socks, corn protectors, ankle and arch supports. If it is a hand or foot, Silipos has a mineral oil based gel solution for comfort..

Silipos' line of skin care products combine their vitamin enriched gels with socks and gloves to protect against dry skin conditions; while their scar therapy products are designed to prevent and diminish the appearance of scars from injury, surgery, burns, acne, and stretch marks.

Silipos also offers a complete orthopedic foot care line that includes, metatarsal pads, toe spreaders, shoe inserts, heel cups, insoles, bunion protectors, and corn pads that are enriched with their gels to provide comfort while conditioning the skin for most heel/foot/toe problems.
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