Stonehaven Medical Electric High Low Treatment Exam Therapy Tables

Stonehaven Medical's electric high low (hi lo) treatment exam therapy tables are used in physical therapy clinics, athletic training room, hospitals, long term care facilities, and c chiropractor's offices as the "Cllinician's work table". The comfortable tables raise to a comfortable hight for the clinician to do their work, and then lower down to make it easy on the patient to get off the table.

Stonehaven Medical tables are constructed with a sturdy, commercial grade steel frame and outfitted with high density foam cushions which are available in a variety of designer colors.Stonehaven Medical tables provide unwavering support that can be adjusted into several convenient positions.

  • Provides comfortable, unparalleled support that features adjustable sections for additional practicality
  • Built with state of the art, heavy duty materials to ensure maximum longevity
  • Supplies a personalized comfort with a convenient variety of widths and lengths
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