Precut Hand Therapy Blanks from Chesapeake Medical

For the hand therapy clinic, cast room, and athletic trainer, we offer CMC support splints, radial bar wrist cock up spllints, thumb spica splints, resting hand postion splints, thumb hole wrist cock up splints, wrist and thumb spica splints, wrist immobilizer splints, and wrist-thumb spica splints in various sizes from Chesapeake Medical.

These hand therapy pre-cut blanks supply comfortable, sturdy support while immobilizing the affected extremities. These splints have been specifically shaped to provide soothing, gentle support for a variety of injuries in the lower arm.

  • Provides soothing, sturdy support which immobilizes the lower arm
  • Available in various pre-cut casts which encourage a comfortable healing process
  • Designed with a convenient assortment of sizes ranging from small to large
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