Thermophore Electric Moist Heating Pads for Pain Relief in the Clinic or for Home Use

The Battle Creek Thermophore Moist Heating Pad / Pack electric heating unit was developed to conveniently provide moist heat treatments whenever moist heat is indicated. Relaxing muscles and helping to relieve pain are just a few of the uses for the Thermophore units.

The Thermophore Hot Pack has a special tightly-woven fleece blend cover which retains moisture from the air. When the unit is turned on, the surge of heat into the cover moves the moisture from the heated fleece blend to the cooler body tissue. The most effective way to use moist heat is by applying a short treatment at a high temperature, then allowing the body to return to normal temperature, and then repeating the process. These treatments are very relaxing and the user may fall asleep. If this occurs, the momentary switch snaps off as the user's finger relaxes and the unit immediately cools down, preventing burns. The momentary switch is the safest way to deliver high temperature. High temperature and moisture is what makes the Thermophore Hot Pack effective. Penetrating moist heat dilates the blood vessels, increasing circulation and creating blood flow. This takes away waste and toxins which may have settled in the injured area and brings new healing blood cells to the tissue. Moist heat therapy is a means to temporarily relieve pain derived from arthritis, bursitis, back aches and muscle spasms. This product also aids in the treatment of colds with congestion and sinus conditions. Many women find monthly cramps can be lessened with the use of a Thermophore unit placed across their abdomen.
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