Topaz Medical Closed Chain Plyometric Rebounder and Weighted Exercise Balls

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With the athlete & rehabilitation patient in mind, we designed our closed chain plyometric sled, the Plyo-Sled - . It allows athletes & physical therapy patients to add power-enhancing plyometric closed chain exercises to their training programs in a safe manner.

Topaz Medical continues to provide high quality medicine balls, plyometric equipment and other synergistic products to the rehabilitation and fitness market.

  • Plyometrics - Topaz Medical created the Plyo-Sled - to allow individuals to easily add plyometric exercises to their training or rehabilitation programs. The Plyo-Sled's - eight selectable elastic bands providing fast-acting variable resistance, coupled with a silent, frictionless glide system, make it the ultimate machine for rehabilitation or fitness.

  • Medicine Balls & Rebounders - Topaz Medical is the manufacturer of the most rugged medicine ball training system available for fitness, sports training and physical therapy. Our MediBalls - come in six different sizes - ranging from 2 to 15 pounds. They may be purchased individually or in cost-saving packages.
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