Topaz Medical MediBall Rebounder Performance Package


Topaz Medical MediBall Rebounder Performance Package

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    Product Description

    MediBallsTM were engineered to be longer lasting, easier to see, and easier to handle than any other type of medicine ball. They can be used indoors, outdoors, and even in the pool.

    Dozens of general and sport-specific exercises can be performed with medicine balls, and they are as much fun to use as they are versatile. Medicine ball training can form the core of a general strength training program, can be used to improve ball handling or other sports skills, and can be used for the rehabilitation of physical injuries

    MediballsTM are produced in six popular sizes, to allow performance of all exercises, from light one-handed throws to heavy two-handed push-presses.

    By Topaz Medical, Provides superior performance to increase upper body strength and endurance and imporve eye-hand coordination. Vinyl MediBalls are the original filled medicine balls.


    Performance Package Includes
    • Mediball Rebounder with ball rack
    • Set of 6 Mediballs (Set includes 1 each of 2lb, 4lb, 6lb, 9lb 12lb and 15lb mediballs)
    • Plyometrics book by Donald Chu.

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