Chattanooga Group Vectra Genisys Laser Therapy Module


Chattanooga Group Vectra Genisys Laser Therapy Module

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    Price: $1,147.95

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    Product Description

    Vectra Genisys is the first modular therapy system that consolidates up to six therapeutic modalities in one system, at a fraction of what these modalities would cost alone. Unique modular design lets you choose what fits best in your clinical setting now or easily add to later without the replacement of products.

    The Genisys Laser Therapy Module easily connects to your Vectra Genisys so you can provide laser therapy without having to buy a new unit.

    The Genisys Laser Module features:
    • Feet Indentions: These indentions retain the rubber feet of the unit. This allows the module to align and rest directly underneath the unit.
    • Ribbon Cable Connection:A ribbon cable connects the unit to the module at this location on the module in order to transfer data from the lasermodule to the unit.
    • Patient Interrupt Switch Connection: As a safety measure and to minimize any apprehension, it is recommended that you always allow the patient to hold thePatient Interrupt Switch during laser light therapy.
    • Laser Interlock (Door Interrupt Switch Connection):This option allows you to set up a switch (similar to the patient interrupt switch) that interrupts treatment when the door ofthe treatment room is opened during a therapy session.
    • Applicator Connection:This port serves as the connection point between the module and the applicator.
    • Power Cord Routing Area:This hollow area on the back of the module allows you to feed the power cord from the unit through the module and out tothe electrical outlet.

    Applicator Sold Seperately

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