Chattanooga Group TX Traction Units and Accessories for Decompression

Chattanooga TX traction units, home lumbar and cervical traction/decompression units, over-the door traction, bolsters, flexion stools, and traction belts are used by physical therapists and chiropractors to provide pain relieving decompression/traction to back and neck pain patients. The primary use is to treat herniated back and neck pain disorders caused primarily by degenerative disc disease, but in some cases, work related injuries.

Traction can be continued at home with the Saunders Cervical and Lumbar Hometrac devices, the premier home traction units in the market.

Proper support during traction is achieved by using the Saunders EZ on traction belts and the Chattanooga Quickwrap traction belts, along with bolsters and knee flexion stools designed to provide comfort to the patient during treatment.

Table Accessories provide excellent solutions for a variety of diverse therapy customization needs and deliver a personal touch that helps to create a luxurious feel in any environment. A wide range of options ensure that every customization need is met.

  • Long lasting, comfortable and easy to use accessories help to meet any customization need
  • A variety of styles and options encourage a personal look and feel for any massage or therapy tables
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