ActivaPatch/Trivarion Iontophoresis Electrodes and Patches

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Trivarion's unique design conforms extremely well to uneven treatment sites. Delivers ions with a precise pH balance up to 80 mAmp.min dosage per treatment. The ActivaPatch wearable inotophoresis electrode patch can deliver an 80 ma treatment in 2.5 hours.

Physical Therapists, Hand Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Athletic Trianer use wired and wearable intophoreiss elec trades primarily to treat inflammation following injury and surgery by patients. The wearable ActivaPatch electrode can be set up in the clinic and the patient can wear the device home.

  • Maximum strength, precise buffering with new Carbon-Ag/AgCl technology
  • Large ground electrode surface area lowers sensation and increased comfort
  • Highly absorbent drug matrix - no messy hydrogel
  • Large surface adhesion area
  • Live Chat Software
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