Wheelchair - Computer Exercise Database*

Wheelchair - Computer Exercise Database*

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    Product Description

    This collection is an effective tool for matching a client's abilities & disabilities to a total workout without needing to transfer out of the wheelchair. Exercise programs can be designed for a variety of needs from spinal cord injuries to someone temporarily in a wheelchair.

    * This is an exercise database for use with PC-Kits.To use this database you must purchase or currently own PC-Kits.


    113 Professionally
    Illustrated Exercises

  • General Guidelines
  • Breathing
  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Upper Back
  • Trunk
  • Leg
  • Cardiovascular
  • Hand
  • Arms

    The only collection available to help wheelchair clients develop:
  • Flexibility
  • Upper/Lower Body Strength
  • General Conditioning
  • Practical Approaches to Core Strengthening
  • Posture/Balance/Breathing
  • Functional Fitness
  • Live Chat Software
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