Cuff Weights, Vinyl Coated Dumbbells, Palm Bells, Medicine Balls for Exercise

We offer color coded progressive resistance cuff weights, kettle bells, palm bells, vinyl coated dumbbells, comfort fit ankle/wrist weights, soft weights, finger weights, and medicine balls from Topaz Medical, Haussmann Industries, Clinton Industries, Fabrication Enterprises, CANDO, and Thera-Band.

Cuff weights, kettle bells, soft weights, finger weights, medicine balls and vinyl dumbbells are a safe and effective way of conditioning the upper and lower body without overtaxing the muscles. The equipment is offered in a variety of weights, shapes and sizes that ensure the perfect workout for any individual's unique needs.

  • An assortment of sizes, shapes and weights can easily create a customized, unique workout
  • Comfortable conditioning for the upper and lower body that is challenging and fun
  • Built with premium, non-slip materials that ensure each use is safe and reliable
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