3pp™ Final Flexion Wrap™ - Package of 25


3pp™ Final Flexion Wrap™ - Package of 25

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    Product Description

    3pp™ Final Flexion Wrap™.

    Helps to restore full PIP and DIP joint flexion after injury or due to arthritic changes. Static force is simple to adjust. Fabrifoam® material is breathable, and comfortably stays in place. Easy to don. Package of 5. Fits most adults. Latex free.

  • Easy one handed application and easy-to-adjust tension helps restore motion quicker and more comfortably.
  • As part of a hand rehabilitation program, the Final Flexion Wrap is ideal for regaining full finger flexion (ability to bend the finger) .
  • The Final Flexion Wrap allows the wearer to adjust force to tolerance for fast, successful treatment.
  • Foam lining distributes pressure and holds the wrap in place for improved control.
  • Washable. Latex free.
  • Moderate Control

    Sizing Information
    Instructions: One size fits most.

    Item Number Size

  • P1004-5 Package of 5
  • P1004-25 Package of 25
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