3pp™ Buddy Loop™ - Pack of 25 - Size: ˝" (1.3cm)Width - Black


3pp™ Buddy Loop™ - Pack of 25 - Size: ˝" (1.3cm)Width - Black

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    Close 3pp™ Buddy Loop™ - Pack of 25 - Size: ˝" (1.3cm)Width - Black

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    Product Description

    3pp™ Buddy Loop®

    3pp Buddy Loops, formerly called Buddy Wraps, eliminate messy, sticky tape and prickly straps! 3pp Buddy Loops are the number one choice of physicians and athletes to protect finger injuries at rest and during play. They are easy to apply after sprains, strains or fractures and reusable.

  • Fast “loop and wrap” design makes it easy to hold fingers together securely.
  • Soft, breathable, foam-lined material provides a light cushion between your fingers for comfort and control.
  • Use one or two Buddy Loops as needed for control. For larger hands or longer fingers, we recommend a wider one-inch strap at the base of the fingers used in combination with a half-inch strap near the fingertips.
  • Reusable and machine washable.
  • Light Control

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