3pp™ Finger Trapper™ - Package of 5


3pp™ Finger Trapper™ - Package of 5

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    Product Description

    3pp Finger Trappers

    Use in post-op or dynamic splinting application to provide more comfortable traction than nail hooks. Eyelet allows application of traction lines. Circumferential design assists with edema control. This splint is breathable, washable and resists migration. One size fits most adult fingers. Package of 5. Latex free.

  • Non-slip foam lining provides a secure hold even on the distal phalanx. For use on fingers or thumb as part of a hand rehabilitation program.
  • Eyelet holds traction lines securely and makes it possible to apply distraction at the MP or PIP.
  • Machine washable and latex-free.

    Sizing Information
    Instructions: One size fits most.

    Item Number Size
  • P1006-5 Package of 5
  • P1006-25 Package of 25
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