3 Point Products (3pp™) Oval 8 Splints - Size 7 - Individual Splint


3 Point Products (3pp™) Oval 8  Splints - Size 7 - Individual Splint

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    Product Code: 3p_p1008-7

    Price: $13.38

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    Product Description

    Strong and nearly invisible splints stabilize and align the DIP or PIP joint to enhance hand function. Molded from 1/16" (1.6mm) translucent plastic without seams. Can be used to correct lateral deviation, swan-neck deformity and flexible boutonniere deformity, support mallet finger injury, and help prevent trigger finger. Two ring splints can be used to provide full immobilization at the PIP or DIP for rest and control. Each Oval-8™ splint fits a full size and, when rotated 180°, an additional half size, to accommodate fluctuations in edema and temperature that can affect finger size. Size is determined using sizing kit. Ring splints in sizes 2 to 15 can be ordered individually or in cost effective packages of five.


    • WEIGHT STACK: Solid steel plates with self-aligning graphite bushings for ultra-smooth movement; rubber bumpers for quiet impact; comes with LIFETIME WARRANTY.
    • PULLEYS: Constructed of solid fiberglass reinforced nylon, double sealed bearings ½"shaft and shoulder bolt for smooth maintenance free movement. All pulley housings made of 8-gauge steel. Comes with Lifetime warranty.
    • CAMS: Specially designed to provide resistance through the entire range of motion; ¼'' steel; comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.
    • PILLOW BLOCK BEARINGS: Installed on all pivot points providing for exact alignment and smooth movement; 10 YEAR WARRANTY.
    • GUIDE RODS: Solid 1''round chrome plated for smooth movement; 5-YEAR WARRANTY.
    • CABLES ¼'' thick galvanized aircraft cable; 4810 lb tensile strength; military specs; nylon coated; quick, easy replacement.
    • DIMENSIONS: 58'' high x 36'' wide x 48'' long; unit 75 weight stack; station includes proper safety requirements and charts; selector pins are self-locking and attach weight stack with spring tether.

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