3 Point Products (3pp™) Oval 8 Splint Sizing Set


3 Point Products (3pp™) Oval 8 Splint Sizing Set

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    Product Code: 3p_p1008-s

    Price: $44.95

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    Product Description

    Sizing Oval-8 splints correctly is critical to a proper fit and successful treatment. An Oval-8 Sizing Set allows you to quickly and accurately determine which size fits comfortably and securely on any finger.


    • The Oval-8 Sizing Set includes one of each of the fourteen sizes 2 through 15 and the  angled band allows each splint to fit tighter or looser depending on which end is fit on the finger first
    • Using the Sizing Set assures a proper fit for successful treatment of Mallet Finger, Swan Neck, Trigger Finger and more
    • Easy-to-open ring keeps the splints organized and available for clinic or home use

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