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3pp™ ThumSling™  - Right Hand

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    Instructions: Lay hand flat and measure around the MP joints (large knuckles).

    3pp™ ThumSling™

    Gently hugs the thumb and applies light compression to reduce grinding and pain at the CMC (basal) joint of the thumb due to arthritis.

  • The wrap-around sling design repositions the CMC joint at the base of the thumb so you can perform daily activities with less pain or fear of dropping things due to CMC arthritis.
  • Easy to apply, this soft, flexible splint allows gripping a golf club, hold a rake or grip a pen securely and comfortably.
  • Lightweight and lined in soft, breathable foam, the ThumSling is not hot or bulky. It is thin enough to fit under most gloves and more comfortable than most CMC joint arthritis splints.
  • The 3pp ThumSling conforms to the hand and is comfortable to wear day and night.
  • Machine washable. Latex free.
  • Light Control
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