3pp™ Wrist Wrap Adjustable Compression Brace


3pp™ Wrist Wrap Adjustable Compression Brace

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    Product Description

    The 3pp Wrist Wrap provides controlled compression with its non-slip foam lining to support sprained or strained wrists during activity.

    Also use for tendinitis, cumulative trauma injuries, arthritis or Ehler Danlos Syndrome
    The low-profile design is unobtrusive and provides infinitely adjustable support.


    • Wrist wrap adjustable compression brace
    • Compresses muscles and tendons to relieve pain
    • Soft , non-slip fabric does not roll or bind and stays comfortable all day
    • Breathable foam lining keeps moisture away from skin and stays cool
    • Fits either right or left hand
    • Provides controlled compression of the muscles and tendons in the wrist to apply flexible support of sprains or strains
    • Product Type: Wrist


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