3pp™ ThumSpica™ Plus - Left Hand


3pp™ ThumSpica™ Plus - Left Hand

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    Product Code: 3p_p3019-L

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    Product Description

    3pp™ ThumSpica™ Plus Left Hand

    The ideal combination of a soft wrap and a lightweight molded splint, reduces thumb and wrist pain.

    3pp™ ThumSpica™ Plus Features:
  • Soft, wrap-on splint includes a moldable insert for added control to reduce pain from deQuervain's tenosynovitis, arthritis, ligament injuries or following surgery.
  • The easy-to-mold insert allows the health care provider to create a custom thumb splint with the comfort of a soft cushioned wrap.
  • The molded splint fits into a lined pocket for cushioning and easy application. The soft wrap is breathable and machine or hand washable. Latex free.


    Sizing Information
    Measure around the large knuckles of the hand. One size fits most.

  • P3019-R (Right) One Size 6" - 9"
  • P3019-L (Left) One Size 6" - 9"
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