SkinSational Scar Massager Box of 5


SkinSational Scar Massager Box of 5

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    Product Description

    Safely and gently massage scars to reduce or prevent adhesions, improve mobility and aid in healing.


  • The SkinSational massager is a hand held massage aide with a soft, pliable, 100% latex-free rubber head.
  • The unique configuration of the SkinSational holds the scar gently to allow the skin to be mobilized. This improves circulation and healing.
  • Very little pressure is required, making it safe to use on recently healed scars to help loosen fibrous scar tissue to prevent adhesions and allow the tissue to move freely.
  • Use alone or with our SacredEarth Botanicals oil or massage lotion to make the scar smoother and more pliable.
  • For use on healed wounds. Use after stitches or staples have been removed and your health care provider has directed you to begin therapeutic massage.
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