SacredEarth Massage Oil 8 oz.


SacredEarth Massage Oil 8 oz.

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    Product Description

    Formulated specifically for massage, SacredEarth lotion and oil contain certified organic ingredients. Safe for you and safe for the environment.

  • SacredEarth Botanicals oil is a blend of the finest USDA Certified Organic oils. Very concentrated, a small amount will provide several minutes of comfortable massage to help improve scar appearance and flexibility.
  • An excellent source of natural and organic ingredients that restore the skin's natural moisture for better, more comfortable healing. Paraben free and unscented.
  • Ingredients: SacredEarth Oil - Organic sunflower oil, Organic safflower oil, Organic olive oil, Organic jojoba oil, non-GMO vitamin E.
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