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3 Point Products (3pp™) ThumSaver™ MP

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    Product Description

    The hand based ThumSaver MP is an excellent choice to protect thumbs with CMC arthritis or ligament injuries. Great for ball players to wear inside their gloves. The ThumSaver MP is also suitable for Gamekeeper's Thumb, Basal joint arthritis, Skier's thumb, or sprains and strains.


    • Reduce the pain you feel when pinching or gripping small objects. This thumb splint realigns the MP joint (the middle joint) and stabilizes the base of your thumb to relieve the grinding pain of arthritis.
    • Wearing the ThumSaver MP, you can garden, write or grasp a doorknob without pain or the fear of dropping things.
    • Ideal for Gamekeeper’s and Skier’s Thumb, the ThumSaver MP is thin enough to be worn comfortably under gloves. Can be used in catcher’s gloves.
    • Felt pads are included to provide cushioning where you need it.
    • Firm Control

    Sizing Chart

    Sizing and Order Information

    Instructions: Measure the length from the IP joint (knuckle at the end of the thumb) to the wrist. Measure around the IP joint. 3-Point Products is not responsible for incorrect or improper sizing or fit of splints.

    SmP2001-R2P2001-L23" to 3 1/2''2 1/2'' to 2 3/4''
    MedP2001-R3P2001-L33 1/2'' to 4''2 3/4'' to 3 1/8''
    LrgP2001-R4P2001-L44'' to 4 1/2''3 1/8'' to 3 1/4''
    X-LrgP2001-R5P2001-L54 1/2'' to 5''3 1/4'' to 3 1/2''

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