3 Point Products (3pp™) ThumSaver™ CMC Long


3 Point Products (3pp™) ThumSaver™ CMC Long

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    Product Code: 3pp_p3000

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    Product Description

    The ThumSaver CMC Long is a full length thumb splint that protects the wrist and thumb from the pain of severe tendinitis or CMC arthritis or following scaphoid fractures while allowing for light activity.


    • Carefully designed to limit thumb and wrist motion for relief from the pain of arthritis or tendinitis or for protection following cast removal.
    • The ThumSaver CMC Long holds the thumb in a functional position that allows you to grasp objects to perform light daily activities.
    • Thin, lightweight splint includes felt pads to provide cushioning where needed. Seamless molded design will not break or change shape with heat and resists stains.
    • Shown with 3pp ThumSock (black) for padding, which is not included.
    • Firm Control

    Sizing Chart

    Sizing and Order Information

    Instructions: Measure the length from the IP joint (knuckle at the end of the thumb) to the wrist. Measure around the IP joint. 3-Point Products is not responsible for incorrect or improper sizing or fit of splints.

      Right Left Length Circumference
    Sm P3000-R2 P3000-L2 3" to 3 1/2'' 2 1/2'' to 2 3/4''
    Med P3000-R3 P3000-L3 3 1/2'' to 4'' 2 3/4'' to 3 1/8''
    Lrg P3000-R4 P3000-L4 4'' to 4 1/2'' 3 1/8'' to 3 1/4''

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