Andover 4 Inch UBC KIT-WITH LATEX - Case $127.40


Andover 4 Inch UBC KIT-WITH LATEX  - Case $127.40

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    Product Code: AN_7840UBC-TN_Case

    Price: $124.40

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    Product Description

    Andover 4 inch UBC Kit is ideal for continous restorative compression for treating venous leg ulcers and other skin irritations.  Consisting of two rolls in a convient dispenser box.  The step 1 roll is an absorbent foam impregnated with zinc and step 2 roll is a cohesive bandage providing continuous restorative compression.

    Size: 3" x 6 yd.Rolls per Box: 2Boxes per Case: 8LATEX


      Unna boot with Calamine + Cohesive Bandage

    • 4 inch
    • Step 2 Color........Tan
    • Rolls/Box............2
    • Boxes/Case...........8
    • Roll Size Step 1....4 in x 6 yds (unstretched)
    • Roll Size Step 2....4 in x 7 yds (stretched

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