Medline DVT Vaso-Force Intermittent Sleeves

Medline DVT Vaso-Force Intermittent Sleeves

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    Product Code: MD_Vaso-ForceINTSleeves

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    Product Description

    Medline air comression sleeves fit the precise clinical need for patients of all sizes. For extra comfort, the sleeves are lined with tricot: a soft and breathable knit material often found in lingerie. The extra comfort helps promote patient compliance tha can be low with some competitive products that are made of plastic and hot to wear.


  • Thigh-high leg
  • Calf-high leg
  • Foot
  • Intermittent (one bladder per sleeve)
  • Calf-high sleeves come in sizes from small to x-large.
  • Foot sleeves come in two sizes and thigh-high in four sizes.
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