Quantum Multi-Station 4 Stack Gym


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Quantum Multi-Station 4 Stack Gym

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    Product Code: QMS-400

    Price: $8,625.00

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    Product Description

    There have never been a multi-stations quite like the Q-400 Series by Quantum. Made in the U.S.A., they have the quality, warranty, and amenities of our full commercial equipment purchased by fitness clubs, corporations, and rehabilitation centers throughout the world. With their bio-mechanically correct movements and small size, there's no limit to where they can go.


  • Chest/Incline/Shoulder Press (200lbs)
  • Bicep Curl/Mid row/Lat Pulldown(200lbs)
  • Leg Extension/Seated Leg Curl(200lbs)
  • Adjustable Cable Column(150lbs)
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