Aspen QuikDraw RAP Back Brace - Large w/Regular Anterior Panel - Black


Aspen QuikDraw RAP Back Brace - Large w/Regular Anterior Panel - Black

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    Product Description

    The Aspen QuikDraw RAP Back Brace is a comfortable, effective and easy to use device for chronic back pain or minimally invasive surgery patients. Sized according to male or female pant sizes this back brace is a high quality product that incorporates two draw strings that easily control and adjust compression around the lumbar region. This Aspen Medical product has two drawstrings that even patients with limited hand strength can use to get effective compression for immediate pain relief. The Aspen Quick Draw has a removable anterior panel that provides enhanced stability and pressure distribution for a wide range of patient needs and is perfect for individuals suffering with chronic low back pain requiring a higher degree of support than what a typical lumbar corset-style braces can provide. The Aspen Quik Draw brace can be worn over or under clothing and is made of breathable, washable material. The back brace is available in XS to XXL sizes, which can accommodate a range of waist circumferences from 21 to 57 inches.

    Available Aspen QuickDraw Colors: White or Black.

    Aspen Quick Draw Fitting Instructions:

    Once you remove the brace, re-attach the gray pull tabs to the brace as close to the point where the drawstring transitions out of the tightening system on the back of the brace. Grasp each end of the brace and pull in opposite directions until the brace is stretched to its full length. See diagram.


  • Removable rigid anterior panel -RAP- enhances abdominal compression and lumbar support during all activities.
  • Patented quick draw mechanical pulley system tightening of the back brace simple with two easy handle drawstrings.
  • Made of breathable materials.
  • Can be worn under or over clothes.
  • Hand washable; air dry recommended.
  • The Quick Draw back brace can accomodate an option cold pack in the rear of the back brace


  • Lumbar Spinal Laminectomy
  • Lumbar Disectomy
  • Lumbar Spinal Fusion
  • Spondylolisis
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Disc Herniation and Disc Degeneration

  • Specifications

    Available Sizes: Choose the correct size based on waist size, or typical men's/women's pant sizes.

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