Trivarion™ Buffered Iontophoresis Delivery Kit - Small


Trivarion™ Buffered Iontophoresis Delivery Kit - Small

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    Product Description

    Activatek Trivarion® Buffered Iontophoresis Delivery Kit is the most conforming delivery electrode available. The Trivarion Kit effectively delivers treatment to elbow, achilles tendon, carpal tunnel, shoulders, knees, fingers and knuckles. The Iontophoresis Delivery Kit includes electrodes with large adhesive borders that improve adherence. Easy fill window protects from over hydration. Highly absorbent drug matrix — no messy hydrogel. Trivarion dispersive pads are manufactured of Karaya Gum and have the largest active surface area available. Low impedance of the active electrode and large ground electrode surface area improves patient comfort. Ph Buffered Conductive element Carbon — Ag/AgCl eliminates pH shifts reducing skin irritation and burns. Ph buffered up to 80 mA-min. for more effective ion delivery.


    • Trivarion™ has a unique shape that makes it ideal for treating uneven sites like the elbow, shoulder, knee, finger, knuckle, Achilles tendon and carpal tunnel areas.
    • Carbon-Ag/AgCl technology delivers ions up to 80 mA-min with a precise pH balance.
    • Large surface adhesion area and highly absorbent drug matrix eliminate the need for messy hydrogel.
    • Sold in boxes of 12 treatment kits.
    • Each individually wrapped kit contains one active delivery electrode, one return electrode and one alcohol prep pad.
    • Trivarion™ electrodes can be used with the ActivaDose® II Controller.
    • Latex Free.

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