Axelgaard ValuTrode® Electrotherapy Electrodes


Axelgaard ValuTrode® Electrotherapy Electrodes

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    Product Description

    ValuTrode Reusable TENS Pads (Electrodes) are solid gel for multiple applications up to 10 - 15 days. ValuTrode TENS Pads have conductive carbon film with white foam backing. Self-adhering, so it's easy to apply and reposition. Low profile with pigtail pin connector. Pre-wired.


    • Achieves optimal current and maximizes conformity
    • Svelte 2 mm carbon film (as opposed to typical 4-5 mm thick) proprietary lead wire technology
    • Each exclusive lead wire contains over 1,000 strands of stainless steel as the current carrier
    • Electrodes are pre-gelled

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