Bauerfeind LumboTrain Back Brace Support


Bauerfeind LumboTrain Back Brace Support

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    Product Description

    Bauerfeind’s LumboTrain® back braces and supports stabilize and massage the muscles of the lower back, while treating pain and tension with a comfortable breathable knit fabric.

    Effective back pain relief with no side effects

    Many people who suffer from chronic back pain reach regularly for the painkillers. This can be harmful for their health. LumboTrain Lady braces help reduce back pain and improve mobility and reduce the need for pain medicine. A comfortable pad in the support provides a stimulating massage effect to the muscles of the lower back with every movement to help to reduce tension and relieve pain.

    Comfortable, adjustable support

    Velcro fastenings and practical hand straps allow for easy application and adjustment, even for people with arthritis. Our soft knit fabric is breathable and skin-friendly, unlike Neoprene and other inferior materials. And, it’s machine washable in the gentle cycle, which helps the support maintain its elasticity and original fit. The stretchy, three-dimensional fabric of the LumboTrain Lady is designed for the natural curves of a woman’s body. Soft edges at the outer brace will not dig in to your skin.

    Give your back a hand

    Walk, sit, stand and run with the back support you need and avoid painful back tweaks with LumboTrain Lady back braces and supports by Bauerfeind.


    • Lumbar syndrome
    • Lumbago
    • Muscular imbalance
    • Ligament degeneration
    • Iliosacral irritation
    • Discectomy
    • Conservative treatment following prolapse
    • Low back pain (Lumbago)
    • Back Strain/Back Sprain
    • Sciatica
    • Lumbosacral Radiculitis
    • Degenerative joint disease (arthritis, OA, RA)
    • Lumbrisacral Muscular Instability
    • Chronic postural disorders
    • Bone formation disorders
    • Minor instability of the lumbosacral spine
    • Muscle strain
    • Post Trauma Care
    • Decompression Therapy


    • Knitted lumbar support incorporating an adjustable, anatomically contoured silicone insert
    • NEW LumboTrain Lady for more contoured fit around hips and waist
    • Stabilizes and relaxes the lower back muscles
    • Silicone insert with raised nodules provides intermittent compression to the soft tissue
    • Intermittent compression stimulates muscle activity which most lower back supports don't do
    • Promotes proprioceptionthus
    • Heightens sensory awareness in the lower back for increased stabilization
    • Anatomical knit carries controlled compression graduated at the edges to prevent rolling
    • Velcro fastenings and hand straps allow for easy application and adjustment
    • Ideal for people with arthritis
    • Lightweight, breathable knit will not retain heat and is completely machine washable
    • Increased circulation, and allowing for unincompartmental movement

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