Bauerfeind Visco Heel Cushion


Bauerfeind Visco Heel Cushion

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    Product Description

    Bauerfeind ViscoHeel N Heel Pad are designed to control abnormal heel motion or position. Not only do they cushion and reduce pressure and discomfort under the heel, but provide better gait by utilizing a gentle slope on one side.

    Bauerfeind ViscoHeel Neutral Heel Cushion's are suitable for reducing shock loads on the ankle, knee and hip joints, for example in the case of osteoarthritis of the foot, knee or hip joints, endoprostheses, pain in the Achilles tendon region (achillodynia) and Haglund's deformity ("pump bump"). In the ViscoHeel K variant, an additional lateral raising of the heel cushion counteracts varus or valgus alignment (bow-leggedness or knock-knees).


    • Heel cushion
    • Medical grade viscoelastic heel cushion reduces shock load to the joints and back
    • Comfortable and long lasting
    • Does not absorb odors
    • ViscoHeel heel pads are made from a non-irritating, viscoelastic material
    • The wedge-shaped ViscoHeel pads are anatomically contoured
    • Pads provide effective relief for calf muscles and tendons

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