Bauerfeind ViscoPed S Heel/Foot Support


Bauerfeind ViscoPed S Heel/Foot Support

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    Product Description

    Composed of high quality medical grade viscoelastic silicone. ViscoHeel N provides excellent shock absorption and heel cushioning. Features: Medical grade viscoelastic heel cushion reduces shock load to the joints and back Comfortable and long lasting Easy to clean with soap and warm water Available in pairs to prevent leg length discrepancies Can be switched from one pair of shoes to another Cushion is anatomically contoured and has a heel rim so it won't slide in the shoe Does not contain latex Does not absorb odors Can be used to help with: Heel pain Joint pain, arthritis pain (knees, ankles, hips) Leg length discrepancies Post-cast for cancaneal fractures Back pain


    • Full-length viscoelastic insoles incorporating areas of softer density in the heel and under the ball of the foot, in the metatarsal region
    • Raised metatarsal pad aids in desired realignment of metatarsal heads
    • Slight contouring of the arch for gentle support
    • Helps provide shock load reduction throughout the entire length of the insole
    • Ventilation holes allow for air circulation to help prevent heat build-up

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