Bailey Physical Therapy Training Stairs


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Bailey Physical Therapy Training Stairs

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    Product Description

    Bailey Exercise Training Stairs are found in physical therapy clinics, rehab facilities, and training rooms. They are used by athletes, runners and individuals recovering from injuries. Training stairs are a great tool for increasing flexibility and improving lower body strength, providing anaerobic conditioning and strengthening the heart, lungs and muscles. Also known as a stair climber or training staircase, training stairs offer plyometric motion, working on the same muscles as squats and lunges, and giving your heart and lungs a more effective workout as you climb to the top. Climbing stairs forces the body to work against gravity, utilizing muscle stabilizers such as the gluteus medius that often get neglected with other forms of exercise, such as simple running. Training stairs require balancing on and activating one leg for a brief moment in time, before the other leg moves to the next step. Because one of the most difficult movements for those learning to walk again in physical therapy is sloped movement, training stairs and ramps are one of the most important tools of the rehabilitation protocol.


    • Straight staircase
    • Overall length 96" Over all height 59-1/4"
    • Height to platform is 24"
    • Comes complete with Bus Step
    • Width 36"
    • 8 Steps
    • Riser Size 6" x 10"
    • Platform size 36" x 36"


    Platform size 36" X 36"

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