Bailey Economy Tilt Table - Manual - Model 9520


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Bailey Economy Tilt Table - Manual - Model 9520

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    Product Description

    The Bailey tilt table is ideal for hospital, Rehabs, and diagnostic facilities. The table is designed for rehabilitation and physical therapy, providing early mobilization of patients too weak to stand on their own. Diagnostic facilities use the table to evaluate a person who has symptoms of fainting by doing a tilt table test.

    For a tilt table test, you begin by lying flat on a table. Straps are put around your body to hold you in place. After about 15 minutes of lying flat, the table is quickly tilted to raise your body to a head-up position simulating a change in position from lying down to standing up.


    • 28" wide x 72" long x 1" top.
    • Welded steel construction
    • Metal walk off foot plate, 14" x 17 1/2", with safety tread
    • Three wide safety straps
    • Special 4" easy roll, shock absorbing, semi-pneumatic casters
    • with individual step


    28"W X 72"L

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