TENS and Conductive Garment for treating chronic neck pain


TENS and Conductive Garment for treating chronic neck pain

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    Product Description

    The conductive fabric properties of the BioKnit® conductive garments and pads take the place of traditional adhesive electrodes when used in conjunction with an electrical stimulation device such as TENS or HVPS. Woven with silver thread to provide even stimulation to the entire covered area. Cover hard-to-reach areas, Indicated for patients suffering from arthritis, low back pain and other conditions. Great alternative for patients with skin too sensitive for traditional electrodes. Reusable and hand washable.

    Universal Cervical w/ (2) 2"x3" fabric electrodes KB0961
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    4 Mode TENS with SD1 and SD2; Strength Duration Modes
    • Compact, lightweight, and functional dual channel digital TENS with Timer
    • Waveform: Asymmetrical rectangular biphasic
    • Intensity: adjustable from 0-98 mA; Frequency: 1-200 Hz; Pulse Rate: 1-200 Hz; Pulse Width: 10-250 Hz
    • Four programmable functions include; Continuous, Strength Duration 1, Strength Duration 2 and cycled burst
    • Patient lock system prevents the patient from changing any of the set parameters – a patient compliance meter displays how long the unit was used
    • Comes with 4 electrodes, one set of leadwires, instruction sheet, carrying case and 2 batteries
    • 5-year warranty; made in USA

    Instructions for Use:
    • 1. Remove all jewelry from the area covered by the garment electrode
    • 2. Clean skin thoroughly with soap and water
    • 3. Insert 1.08” pin from active lead wire (red) of the stimulator into the electrode connector on pad so that no metal is visible.
    • 4. Place garment electrode over area to be treated with electro stimulation – make sure the pad conforms snugly to the skin. Stimulation fabric may be used wet. For optimal conductivity, it is recommended to apply Electrolyte Spray on all conductive garments and pads prior to use – consult your practitioner.
    • 5. Insert .08” pin from dispersive lead wire (black) into electrode connector on dispersive.
    • 6. Place dispersive electrode on appropriate portion of the body as per the practitioner’s protocol. Do not place directly over the spine. A second pad can perform as a dispersive electrode. If another pad electrode is used as a dispersive electrode, placement of the dispersive electrode should ensure transthorasic stimulation is not possible.
    • 7. After understanding the operation of the stimulator being used, turn the stimulator on and adjust as directed by practitioner.
    • 8. Exercising the range-of-motion of treatment area is recommended during stimulation.

    Care and Cleaning:
    • 1. Machine or hand wash in cold water; use delicate cycle.
    • 2. Air dry only – do not use dryer or iron

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