Biostim Portable Digital NMES Neuromuscular stimulator for muscle strengthening


Biostim Portable Digital NMES Neuromuscular stimulator for muscle strengthening

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    Product Description

    The BioStim NMS+ is a digital NeuroMuscular Stimulator. The digital technology of this N.M.E.S unit utilizes micro processing to provide accurate electro stimulation to aid in the improvement of muscle function, including disuse atrophy and to help tree muscle weakness. The digital interface allows great flexibility when setting the parameters. It is one of the most powerful portable e-stim units on the market and with 120mA amplitude and a 400 micro second pulse width, this N.M.E.S. unit is ideal for muscle re-education and muscle rehabilitation. The BioStim NMS+ has two waveforms, symmetrical biphasic and asymmetrical biphasic allowing the clinician to choose the type of electrical-stimulation they prefer to provide the greatest therapeutic benefit. A timer feature allows for timed treatment and the 5 preset therapies and 3 programmable modes make the unit easy to use without compromising flexibility. The patient lock/compliance monitoring system tracks patient usage while ensuring the settings stay in place as the clinician as prescribed.

    Stimulation Modes:
    • 1. Continuous Constant Stimulation (Use the Constant Mode or a pulse rate greater than 60 Hz for the relaxation of muscle spasms only. Use of continuous stimulation and/or rates above the normal physiological range (e.g., greater than 60 Hz) could lead to the rapid onset of muscle fatigue, making the device less effective in producing repeated forceful muscle contractions
    • 2. Cycled
    • 3. Reciprocating
    Five Preprogrammed Therapies:
  • Therapy 1 : 35 Hz, 300 s, Symmetrical Biphasic
  • Therapy 2 : 35 Hz, 300 s, Asymmetrical Biphasic
  • Therapy 3 : 50 Hz, 180 s, Symmetrical Biphasic
  • Therapy 4: 20 Hz, 250 s, Symmetrical Biphasic
  • Therapy 5: 10 Hz, 50 s, Symmetrical Biphasic
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