CanDo SoftGrip Hand Weight - Individuals


CanDo SoftGrip Hand Weight - Individuals

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    Product Description

    The Cando SoftGrip Hand Weights, use the comfortable Cando SoftGrip Hand Weights instead of dumbbells. The product was developed by a patient during a physical therapy session. She was having difficulty grasping the 2 pound dumbbell prescribed to her. She wanted something that would conform to her grasp, be comfortable, and unintimidating. SoftGrip hand weights are also great for light workouts and for the arthritic patient.


    • It is easy to grasp and grip.
    • Soft but not floppy.
    • Color-coded to indicate weight.
    • Stores on standard Cuff weight rack.
    • Inexpensive.
    • Made in USA by makers of the industry standard Cuff rehabilitation weight.
    • 1 year warranty.

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