Cando Graded Pinch Exerciser - Complete Set


Cando Graded Pinch Exerciser - Complete Set

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    Product Description

    The Cando Graded Pinch Exerciser improves pinch strength and coordination. This Durable Product is12"W x 13" L x 8"H (32 x 33 x 22 cm).

    Cando Graded Pinch Exerciser Kit Features:

    • Five graded springs in color-coded pinchpins with resistances of approximately Yellow-1 lb. (0.45kg),Red- 2 lb. (0.9kg), Green-4 lb. (1.8kg), Blue-6 lb. (2.7kg), and Black-8 lb. (3.6kg). .
    • 3 Horizontal metal rods of different diameters.
    • Vertical metal rod 37"H (95cm) for combining exercises for shoulder ROM with pinch exercises.
    • Includes 35 graded spring pinchpins, 7 of each resistance.
    • Can be sterilized.
    • Latex free

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