Cando Web Large 14" X-Heavy Black


Cando Web Large 14" X-Heavy Black

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    Product Code: ca_10-0855

    Price: $28.88

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    Product Description

    The Cando Web provides rehab to strengthen the fingers and wrist, you can perform flexion, extension, opposition and supination exercises. The resistance may be modified by adjusting the hand position, depth of finger insertion, or by switching to a different resistance (color) web.

    • Web is available in both the large 14” diameter size and the small 7” diameter size.
    • Sets include 1 of each color.

    Each Cando exercise Web is color-coded to show its resistance level using the Thera Band® trademarked color sequence.


    Uniquely designed frosted pastel ice shrouds, allow full user privacy, safety, yet keep your facility bright and welcoming.

    Low profile stance, small foot print, combined with multiple choices of combination and single station machines define Quantum’s new breathtaking Phantom line as an industry leading series.

    Key converging motion units allow for confident, natural movement and allow for maximum muscle range of motion.

    Meticulously designed hand grips and foot platform, are angled to keep joints in a neutral position, reducing joint stress and maximizing a safe workout experience.

    Clear, simple and concise user instruction plaques, coupled with visually integrated graphic design glides the user through the workout.

    Weight stack integrated 5lb increment plate, allows for gradual increase of resistance for the workout and leads to quicker strength gains.

    Wide Kevlar weight transference belts and extra wide pulleys, coupled with high quality raw materials create the most durable strength training circuits in the industry.


    • Dimensions: 49 x 46 x 68
    • Weight Stack: 150lb

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