Cando Xtensor Finger Extension Exerciser Blue


Cando Xtensor Finger Extension Exerciser Blue

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    Product Code: ca_10-0960B

    Price: $30.15

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    Product Description

    The Cando Xtensor design represents a breakthrough and is an essential tool for therapists treating patients recovering from: Tennis Elbow, Tendonitis in the Wrist, Overcoming the effects of a Stroke, Hand Trauma Rehabilitation, and much more.

    The one sided activity that is reflective of the work performed by the hands in everyday life can now be counterbalanced by The Cando Xtensor with continuous tension applied to opening the hands using an optimal line of motion replicating the exact opposite movement to closing the hands.

    The Cando Xtensor Features:

    • The unique thumb positioning allows The Xtensor to be used on either hand.
    • Each of the individual finger extensors can be independently positioned to achieve 3 different levels of resistance.
    • Blue and yellow models have the same levels of resistance. .

    2 Comfort Pads are included with each Xtensor.

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