Cando Semi-Circular Peg board


Cando Semi-Circular Peg board

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    Product Code: ca_10-1159

    Price: $235.63

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    Product Description

    Semi-circular pegboard designed for people with hand injuries, neurological involvement or orthopedic injuries. Increase upper extremity ROM, strength, coordination and endurance, or improve cognitive and visual skills. 3 tiers hold 43 pegs. Pegs come in two different lengths and three diameters.


    • Increases upper extremity ROM, strength, coordination, endurance, and improves cognitive and visual skills
    • 3 tiers hold 43 pegs
    • Pegs come in 2 lengths and three diameters
    • Unit measures 26 x 14 x 2


    Dimensions: 26" x 2" x 14"

    Weight: 5 lbs

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