Cando Twist-Bend-Shake Bar - X-Light Yellow


Cando Twist-Bend-Shake Bar - X-Light Yellow

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    Product Description

    The Cando Twist-Bend-Shake bar is an extremely versatile exercise product. It can be used to perform three distinct forms of exercise. The bar can be positioned anywhere to exercise almost all muscle groups.

    Each Cando Twist-Bend-Shake bar is color-coded to show its resistance level using the Thera Band® trademarked color sequence.

    Features of the Cando Twist-Bend-Shake Bars:

    • The Bar is 36 inches Long.
    • Change resistance by varying distance between hands and/or by changing to a different resistance bar.
    • TWIST: with both hands on the bar, twist by flexing one wrist and extending the other.
    • BEND: place both hands on or near the ends of the bar. Keep your hands in position and exert force to bend the bar.
    • TWIST -N-BEND: combine the Twist and Bend methods.
    • SHAKE: place hand in the center or end and shake the bar.
    • OSCILLATION: hold bar at the center or end and oscillate in a circular motion.
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